Monday, August 18, 2014

Field life in my first area...August 18, 2014

Week 1:
Finally, I am out of the CCM and into the field!!  Before we left the CCM, President Dyer said he wanted to keep in touch!  He said he wanted to see where I was in 30 years which makes me real nervous!!  I got a blessing from him and Holy Hannah!!  He was a Patriarch and has a way with words!  The blessing just said to be obedient but that I will be the missionary that will be assigned to help other missionaries and I will be valiant and strong!  It was just really uplifting!  We had no idea when we were going to leave and in South America they do all the flying at night so we left the CCM at 2 in the morning!

Elder Slack with Elder Jacob Beals before leaving the CCM

Elder Wooden and I were going to call home in the airport but it was late and we had troubles with some of the luggage that weighed more than it should!  Yeah we had a crying session in the CCM before we left and I don't think we have smiled harder than we did when we finally saw the President and his cute little wife!!  My mission President and his wife are wonderful!! Both are about as tall as Grandma Slack but just as loving!  Seeing them as we got off the airplane was like seeing angels!!  We only spent half of a day with them but it was a battery charger!  We were only there (in a chapel not the mission home) for half a day!  The first question Pres. Searle asked was if I had a girlfriend and I proudly said "no" (haha) the second was would I be honest!  I want to be that missionary he can put others with to make them work harder!  At 5 we were on our way to our own homes (Elder Wooden is about 40 miles away) and my first night (1 hour after I got there) I had my first lesson!  It was all a blur!
My first area is in Cartagena.  I am about 10 minutes from the ocean and from one point in my area can see it.  I am in the Alto Bosque 1 area and the ward is awesome!  Mornings are really slow and it is hard to get through them but once 11:00 hits the days go by fast!  The Relief Society President (Hrmna Ledys) is like a second mom and feeds us all the time!  Everyone is awesome here!  The people are so nice and love to hear about Christ so it is easy to talk to lots of people.  However, they are also really relaxed and laid back so it is hard to make specific appointments!!  We have 6 baptism dates set up.  One for the 30th and then 5 for the 6th of September and it is exciting to see the progression of all of these wonderful people!  We are teaching a man named Victor (63yrs old)!  The rest of our people are actually less actives or recent converts and mostly here they are trying to strengthen the wards this way!!  We do have one man named Nacho and his Girlfriend named Milena and they have one kid. We have only met with them once but they accepted to be baptized and offered us lunch! Super awesome guy and so ready to change his life!!
My trainer is Elder Herbas from Cochabamba, Bolivia.  He is wonderful and such a help!!  Not a Laman or Lemuel for sure!!  He is a powerful teacher and knows all the members so we never skip a meal!!  Lessons are awesome.  I don't know how I do it but I am able to do my part and share parts of the lessons!! Truly the gift of tongues!!
We played soccer today for P-day and I was kinda surprised playing with all Latinos and I think they were surprised to find out that a Gringo could keep up and beat 'em up a little.  Haha!!  We also went to a mall and they are way nicer here than at home.  It was sure nice to see something like that!!  All the food is so good!!  They have a rice dish that is made with coconut and is brown and way delicious!!  I have yet to NOT finish a meal!  They also make a drink from oatmeal! It is a little more watery but then they put it in the blender with milk and a bunch of sugar with ice cubes and I will probably never eat oatmeal the boring way with toast ever again!!
Weather here is not a joke!!  It is scorching HOT day in and day out!!  I sleep with zero sheets and three fans on me!! Luckily my comp is from Bolivia where it's a little colder too because most Latins hate the cold!!  Our apartment is actually pretty big and only us two in it!  It was pretty dirty when I got there but now it is really clean (all thanks to my wonderful mother and her pain in the rear end cleaning business!! Love you mother!!)
Cartagena is so beautiful and I love mission life!  It is hard and demanding and their isn't a day where I am not completely wiped out but it is so worth it!!  Seeing people light up about the message of Christ and families is wonderful!  I am here to bring the happiness we all enjoy to those who don't have it.  Scriptures and prayer are a blessing and I can't believe how much I need them in my day!! Only makes me realize how much we all need them in our lives!!  I love you all and hope all is well!!  Don't be offended if I don't write back but if you have any other questions write me and I will answer in these big emails!!  Love you all and keep pushing forward!! 
Elder Slack


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  1. So glad you got to hear from him. Sounds like things are going well.