Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out on the Town...July 29, 2014

Hey everybody!!  These past couple of days have been awesome!  Sundays are always awesome because it is in English and the President is a church genius!  Every day is really boring and just filled with grammar classes and other language stuff!  I understand all that is being said but I get big old headaches from everything in Spanish!  It is so awesome to learn more about the gospel and how wonderful it is!!  I have been here for 4 weeks and am almost done with the Book of Mormon!  I can't believe how much I have been missing out on!  We went on a tour of the city today and it was awesome!!  Bogota is so huge!!  8,000,000 people here and the buildings are so high and there are so many cars!!  We went to the top of a mountain and looked at the whole valley and what a view!!  So scary though because I am not a fan of heights!  After, we went to the Gold Museum and saw a bunch of Aztec and indigenous gold statues and ornaments and I can't believe it because really all of the stuff we saw was either made in the factory across the street to make some extra cash or it is straight from the Book of Mormon times!!  I'm thinking the latter!!  We also got some replica jerseys and they are so cheap!!  For a 50 dollar jersey in America, we bought them for $12 dollars apiece and the guy we bought them from was a huge, ripped investigator so we were late because we talked to him for a little!!  I only have two more weeks here in the CCM and it is scary at how the time is flying!!  I am already a month down and want that month back!!
I love you all and hope you take full advantage of the blessings you have and the gospel in your lives!!
Best Wishes to all and lots of love!!
Elder Slack
Bogota, Colombia

My new comp is coming tomorrow and is from Colombia so it should be awesome and I can't wait!!  The last two weeks we get Latino companions so we can learn more!!  It will be awesome!!
I was going to wait up for Jacob Beals to come in tonight.  He will have a hard couple of days until Sunday and then he will set in.  I will take care of him.
The tour was awesome!  Just the 14 of us getting Latino comps and two of our teachers went!!  We went to a Catholic church on a mountain and looked over the whole valley!!  The city is huge!  After, we went to a gold museum and looked at a bunch of old gold statues and sculptures!  History of the Book of Mormon I'm telling you!  After, we went to eat at McDonalds and as nasty as it sounds, it was so good because it tasted like home!  We also went to the temple today and it is so beautiful.
My teacher, Hermano Barrios (who I love) is in one of my pics and he is so funny!!  Four of the boys are staying in Bogota and one other with us to Barranquilla and the rest are going to Cochabamba, Bolivia!!  We are all way close and it is sad to see us all split up!  We will only go proselyting once more with our Latino comps!!
Elder Slack and Hermano Barrios (his teacher)

Early surprise! July 25, 2014

Hey guys!!  This past week has been quite the adventure with the adventure happening all in the span of two days!!  We had another opportunity to go to the temple and that is always a wonderful blessing and truly the strength of the gospel!  Yesterday, we actually went proselyting and Elder Gunter and I placed a Book of Mormon and got 6 references!  The people here are so wonderful and nice!  After talking with just one guy for about 5 minutes he offered to buy us lunch and have us talk to more of his friends.  I can't wait to leave here in just 2 more weeks!! We also have been taught to invite them to be baptized on the first lesson.  Last night we watched a movie on the pioneers and in the movie, this couple went dancing for the first time and after he professed his love for her and kissed her. I guess inviting on the first appointment does really work and we should follow his example!! Haha, just kidding.  But it was awesome!!  We all died laughing when one of the kids said it!!  Life here is the same day in and day out.  The 14 of us who have been here longer go on a tour of Bogota on Tuesday and we are so excited!  In a way, the CCM is like a jail and we can only talk to people through the fence!  I sent a letter answering questions you had and the boys have a letter and kind of a treat in there!  For me, that is the easiest way to answer your questions so I can take the time in email to just write what has happened!  I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you all!!  Sorry it is earlier but because of scheduling and the number of people here we had to go in the morning!  I love the Gospel and hearing that Vita got his call is an answer to prayers and just goes to show that our Father in Heaven does listen and cares.  What an experience this is!  I can't believe how time is flying even though I don't want it to.  Love you all infinity googles!!
Elder Slack
Yeah, I am emailing earlier because we have so many kids here we have to do it while the Latins are at the temple! It is really boring here but yesterday was so fun and exciting!!  I can definitely say I would rather be here than at the parade!  Haha, but I loved seeing all the pictures and my teachers thought they were awesome!  They loved to see them all!!  Email back if you can but if not on Tuesday it will be a little later because of our tour we are going on!
Jacob Beals isn't here but I will get it on Tuesday or Wednesday! I sent some letters off today for the boys, Gavin, and one for the family so watch for that.  Vita getting a call is an answer to my prayers.  He could have been going anywhere and I would have been happy!!  I found out from Gavin though so I haven't heard from him!  Both Mckay Keech and Mckay Clarke are doing awesome and are now out in the field! 
Dane, nobody is missing buddy and I promise the time is flying!  I sent a surprise to you and the boys in the mail today!  Write me with your questions!  Love you too and the Spanish is great dude!!
Luke, I'm sorry to hear about your tournament buddy but I'm sure you did awesome.  As long as you work your butt off you will be fine!  I am doing awesome and just want you to know how important you are to your Heavenly Father!  He loves you and wants you to choose the right in everything you do so keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!!  Love you buddy!
Heath, I am not playing the piano but certainly wish I was good enough to be able to!  I love the gospel and my days are really long but overall I really enjoy it here!  I hope your teacher is super nice too!!  Keep writing me letters with all your questions!!  Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!!  Love you nerd!!
Hey, so I have to sign off.  Tuesday we are going on a tour of the city so I am not sure when we will be able to email but I am assuming it will be after we get back so probably around 6:30 or 7:00.  Love you guys and cant wait to hear from you!! 
Love, Elder Slack 
P.S. Just got your email Dad and don't have time to respond but love you and Gav too!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 15, 2014

Hey guys!!  Just got on and have about an hour or so!!  We went to the temple for the second time and actually get to go through 6 times!!  It is so beautiful!!  I have some pics that I will try to send but it has rained non stop for 3 whole days!  The weather actually is so pretty!  If you don't get back with me I will just send a big email before I have to get off.  Love ya tons!! 

Selfie at the Bogota Temple

Elder Brady Slack and Elder Breckin Gunter

Yeah I've read your emails.  No I haven't played the piano at all.  Haven't had to because so many other people can play but the boys better believe me when I say they need to keep practicing!! Especially Gavin!!  I can honestly say it is a regret!!  My CCM President is so knowledgeable about the gospel and we had a lesson in English on the plan of salvation and it literally blew my mind!! I love it so much here!!

Things are going good!!  It is only the 13 Gringos here until the other North Americans get here tonight and it is incredible at how close you get with some of them!  I had some tears when the Latinos left, not going to lie!!  And it was only two weeks!!  It was hard because they were so helpful and we really did get so close in our Heavenly Father's presence!!  I can't believe the power our Father in Heaven has!! 

The only other extra time we get here is literally for about ten minutes after meals.. that time is spent trying to nap haha.  
I have asked about the Barranquilla Temple and they said it wont be done in time!  I guess they only have the ground and haven't done anything with it. 

Yeah all classes are in Spanish about the gospel and lessons except for two grammar classes a day.  Maybe I would come back when the temple is finished!!  I think it would be hard because it is kind of an iffy place if you don't have people taking you around. 
It is just so busy and I wouldn't be caught dead without someone who knew what was going on. Thank heavens for the Lord!!  Elders Wooden and Gunter are good!! We find every opportunity to horse around and goof off and we do a good job at it!!  We are having tons of fun and learning tons too!! 
 I had to translate for the first two weeks but now everyone is catching up and I keep to myself!  You wouldn't believe how well the Spanish has come!!  The lord really does work miracles!!
They took all electronics and candy so today was the first time I even touched the recorder.   There is graffiti everywhere they like actually pay people to graffiti and a lot of it is way pretty actually!!
Elder Gunter and I have lots of fun, crack lots of jokes and pull tons of pranks!  Haha!  We have played what are the odds as Gringos for two weeks straight and it has been hilarious!!  The 13 of us are in a district now and then there will be two new districts and just Spanish missionaries because we are the next oldest Gringos and still have 4 weeks left!

I will try to write everyone but trust me when I say an hour isn't enough time to read and write!!  I can't even remember what I have said so sorry and I did get the letter you sent Dad on the 27 of June so it takes about two weeks to get here but it get here along with one from Grandpa!!  That scripture in Alma was amazing and I hope Gavin takes it seriously when I say he needs to start STUDYING his scriptures and PMG because I missed out on so much!

Ok, I am sorry if I don't get a chance to write the boys but tell them to write it all down and I will respond in a letter for them when I get out in the field!!  An hour isn't enough time at all!! Oh jeez though to...  I look at the pictures and read their letters almost every night and it is a bad idea but I don't mind it every night!!  Tell them I did get their emails but it is hard to answer them!!  I will take a pic for them and have answers for them all next Friday!!
I have to get off now but I love you all and can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures!! Watch out about the same time period next Friday!!  Love you guys!!  Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!!  It is the little things that matter the most!!  I will talk to you on Friday the 25th in between 1:00 and 5:00!  Love you guys!!  Aiden... Yo te amo buddy!!

First letter!! July 11, 2014

Family!!!  What is up.. can't do question marks sorry because it is a Spanish keyboard. Holy this is wonderful!!  Sorry it has been a week!  Because of transfers, we have P day every other Friday and on the Tuesday in between so next Tuesday will actually be my P day.  No idea what time, but it will be in between 1:00 and 5:00 so watch out! There was actually 13 elders that met in Atlanta and are here with me at the CCM.  In my district, there are 3 companionships and my companion is from Brigham City and actually played in the all star game against me!!  What a crazy person our Heavenly Father is because we found out right as the week got a little rough!  It is awesome!  We are so busy!  Classes are from 7:00 in the morning to 9:30 at night!  I can understand so much and have been the translator for the rest of the gringos.  Haha!  My Spanish is pretty good and it is crazy at how fast we are learning.  On the third day, I was able to bear my testimony, say a pretty decent prayer, and give half of the first lesson.  We do a ton of small group lessons and have had a blast goofing off, playing some crazy games of volleyball (they don't let us play soccer at the CCM but I can in my mission) and getting super tired with the long days!  The food is way good except we seem to have soup, rice, chicken, and carne asada every day for lunch.  I can email until 5:00 so hopefully you get this.  If not, I will be on next Tuesday at 1ish.  I love you guys so much and this gospel is so true.  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants us to live with Him again.  Love you guys so much!!

Love, Elder Brady Slack

Yeah, I have about 35 more minutes on here!!  Until 5:00!!  Is this my mother... I can't do smiley faces either!!

Letters, no... I think they might take a while.  There were only three on our plane to Georgia and then the 13 of us flew here to Colombia.  My comp's name is Breckin Gunter from Brigham City.  He was one of the linebackers on the North Team and is going to Cochabamba, Bolivia!!  And yeah, the first few days up until Sunday were rough but on Sunday we finally had some English meetings with just the 13 of us and President Dyer.  He is from California and is a brilliant lawyer.  Elder Wooden is doing awesome!  We are in the same bunk bed. 

Brady's room... Who's bed is made?

It was just really rough to have everything in Spanish because literally every minute up until 9:30 is Spanish everyday.  That was really hard, but that is helping so much.  I am able to teach a lot of the lessons in Spanish  though, and that's awesome!!  I was worried Gavin would chafe real bad.. and how did Luke do?   Well??  And to be honest the letters might get here right as I am leaving or even later.  Haha, everything is crazy here in Colombia.  On all of the busy roads you can't turn left, there are no lights, people don't use their blinkers, and vendors walk in the middle of the lanes on the highway trying to sell stuff! But I have yet to see scratches or dents in cars !?!   Really quite interesting!!

Yeah!!  All of the other gringos are super funny and we are already super close!!  President Dyer and his wife are awesome!!  They are so knowledgeable, but we kinda don't see them a whole lot.  Elder Wooden's comp is a kid from Texas who is actually our District Leader.  He makes great banana bread!  Kidding, kinda.  He is alright.   I guess I just don't agree with some things he does.  And on my row, my comp is the 8th one in from the right.  All of our teachers are super funny and actually know quite a bit of English, even though they don't speak it.  That is what is rough, not speaking English all day.  We played a gringo vs. maestro volleyball game and whooped them 5 games to 0!  All of the games were to 25.

Eh...I doubt it.  Actually,  they aren't that good and sat and watched me and Aaron juggle the ball and were surprised!   Haha!

Brady Slack second row from top on right end
Breckin Gunter second row from top, eighth in from right
Aaron Wooden second row from top, seventh in from right

Yeah, we flew in from Atlanta together. I know, I just shut my mouth and go with what he says.  I have 5 minutes left btw.  I am turning out to be dad's child and I am not joking when I say that!!  No, it will be next Tuesday somewhere for an hour in between 1:00 and 5:00 but then it is a week and a half until the next Friday. It is a weird schedule. 

K tell the boys I love em!!  I will talk to you on Tuesday!!  Love you mom!!  If you need to send something, send it through email because I can print it out at the mission president's house.  Love you Guys!!

Elder Brady Slack

Remember... anytime 1:00 to 5:00 on Tuesday so whatever time that is in Utah.

No Worries...July 2, 2014

Hola a mi familia!!  I am here and doing awesome!  The weather is exactly like the weather early in the morning in South Carolina!  Cool, humid, and a little rainy!  The plane rides were a little nerve wracking but I had the opportunity to give a pass along card out and I got a Colombian's email and he said he was interested!  Got to start somewhere I guess!!  El CCM esta muy bien y es un otra casa. All of the people are awesome!  Fridays are our normal mail day so just watch out because I have an hour to be on the computer and email.  Love and miss you guys!  No worries this is going to be awesome!!
Con todo amor,
Elder Brady Slack
CCM Grounds
CCM Grounds