Monday, July 28, 2014

July 15, 2014

Hey guys!!  Just got on and have about an hour or so!!  We went to the temple for the second time and actually get to go through 6 times!!  It is so beautiful!!  I have some pics that I will try to send but it has rained non stop for 3 whole days!  The weather actually is so pretty!  If you don't get back with me I will just send a big email before I have to get off.  Love ya tons!! 

Selfie at the Bogota Temple

Elder Brady Slack and Elder Breckin Gunter

Yeah I've read your emails.  No I haven't played the piano at all.  Haven't had to because so many other people can play but the boys better believe me when I say they need to keep practicing!! Especially Gavin!!  I can honestly say it is a regret!!  My CCM President is so knowledgeable about the gospel and we had a lesson in English on the plan of salvation and it literally blew my mind!! I love it so much here!!

Things are going good!!  It is only the 13 Gringos here until the other North Americans get here tonight and it is incredible at how close you get with some of them!  I had some tears when the Latinos left, not going to lie!!  And it was only two weeks!!  It was hard because they were so helpful and we really did get so close in our Heavenly Father's presence!!  I can't believe the power our Father in Heaven has!! 

The only other extra time we get here is literally for about ten minutes after meals.. that time is spent trying to nap haha.  
I have asked about the Barranquilla Temple and they said it wont be done in time!  I guess they only have the ground and haven't done anything with it. 

Yeah all classes are in Spanish about the gospel and lessons except for two grammar classes a day.  Maybe I would come back when the temple is finished!!  I think it would be hard because it is kind of an iffy place if you don't have people taking you around. 
It is just so busy and I wouldn't be caught dead without someone who knew what was going on. Thank heavens for the Lord!!  Elders Wooden and Gunter are good!! We find every opportunity to horse around and goof off and we do a good job at it!!  We are having tons of fun and learning tons too!! 
 I had to translate for the first two weeks but now everyone is catching up and I keep to myself!  You wouldn't believe how well the Spanish has come!!  The lord really does work miracles!!
They took all electronics and candy so today was the first time I even touched the recorder.   There is graffiti everywhere they like actually pay people to graffiti and a lot of it is way pretty actually!!
Elder Gunter and I have lots of fun, crack lots of jokes and pull tons of pranks!  Haha!  We have played what are the odds as Gringos for two weeks straight and it has been hilarious!!  The 13 of us are in a district now and then there will be two new districts and just Spanish missionaries because we are the next oldest Gringos and still have 4 weeks left!

I will try to write everyone but trust me when I say an hour isn't enough time to read and write!!  I can't even remember what I have said so sorry and I did get the letter you sent Dad on the 27 of June so it takes about two weeks to get here but it get here along with one from Grandpa!!  That scripture in Alma was amazing and I hope Gavin takes it seriously when I say he needs to start STUDYING his scriptures and PMG because I missed out on so much!

Ok, I am sorry if I don't get a chance to write the boys but tell them to write it all down and I will respond in a letter for them when I get out in the field!!  An hour isn't enough time at all!! Oh jeez though to...  I look at the pictures and read their letters almost every night and it is a bad idea but I don't mind it every night!!  Tell them I did get their emails but it is hard to answer them!!  I will take a pic for them and have answers for them all next Friday!!
I have to get off now but I love you all and can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures!! Watch out about the same time period next Friday!!  Love you guys!!  Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!!  It is the little things that matter the most!!  I will talk to you on Friday the 25th in between 1:00 and 5:00!  Love you guys!!  Aiden... Yo te amo buddy!!

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