Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out on the Town...July 29, 2014

Hey everybody!!  These past couple of days have been awesome!  Sundays are always awesome because it is in English and the President is a church genius!  Every day is really boring and just filled with grammar classes and other language stuff!  I understand all that is being said but I get big old headaches from everything in Spanish!  It is so awesome to learn more about the gospel and how wonderful it is!!  I have been here for 4 weeks and am almost done with the Book of Mormon!  I can't believe how much I have been missing out on!  We went on a tour of the city today and it was awesome!!  Bogota is so huge!!  8,000,000 people here and the buildings are so high and there are so many cars!!  We went to the top of a mountain and looked at the whole valley and what a view!!  So scary though because I am not a fan of heights!  After, we went to the Gold Museum and saw a bunch of Aztec and indigenous gold statues and ornaments and I can't believe it because really all of the stuff we saw was either made in the factory across the street to make some extra cash or it is straight from the Book of Mormon times!!  I'm thinking the latter!!  We also got some replica jerseys and they are so cheap!!  For a 50 dollar jersey in America, we bought them for $12 dollars apiece and the guy we bought them from was a huge, ripped investigator so we were late because we talked to him for a little!!  I only have two more weeks here in the CCM and it is scary at how the time is flying!!  I am already a month down and want that month back!!
I love you all and hope you take full advantage of the blessings you have and the gospel in your lives!!
Best Wishes to all and lots of love!!
Elder Slack
Bogota, Colombia

My new comp is coming tomorrow and is from Colombia so it should be awesome and I can't wait!!  The last two weeks we get Latino companions so we can learn more!!  It will be awesome!!
I was going to wait up for Jacob Beals to come in tonight.  He will have a hard couple of days until Sunday and then he will set in.  I will take care of him.
The tour was awesome!  Just the 14 of us getting Latino comps and two of our teachers went!!  We went to a Catholic church on a mountain and looked over the whole valley!!  The city is huge!  After, we went to a gold museum and looked at a bunch of old gold statues and sculptures!  History of the Book of Mormon I'm telling you!  After, we went to eat at McDonalds and as nasty as it sounds, it was so good because it tasted like home!  We also went to the temple today and it is so beautiful.
My teacher, Hermano Barrios (who I love) is in one of my pics and he is so funny!!  Four of the boys are staying in Bogota and one other with us to Barranquilla and the rest are going to Cochabamba, Bolivia!!  We are all way close and it is sad to see us all split up!  We will only go proselyting once more with our Latino comps!!
Elder Slack and Hermano Barrios (his teacher)

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