Friday, August 8, 2014

Almost Done!! August 8, 2014

Hey everyone!!  With only 4 more days here in the CCM, not much has changed.  I received my Latino companion and to say the least I would have been better off just having Latino companions the whole time!!  My Spanish has improved incredibly!!  Days are really boring because all of the lessons during classes are just being repeated so I have had loads of time to study the scriptures and learn so much about the gospel!!  I have two more books to go then I am done with the Book of Mormon.  The language is actually really good and all of the teachers and even some people we taught today were impressed I have only been here 6 weeks.  My new comp, Elder Echeverry, is from Cali, Colombia and has very little patience.  It was very hard (really difficult until Sunday) at first.  I had my crying sessions in the shower and then was done but now we are all good and laugh and have loads of fun!  I have learned so much!  He is in the front of the picture with a light and dark blue checkered tie.


Elder Brady Slack top row, eighth from right
Elder Echeverry bottom row first from right
Elder Aaron Wooden top row seventh from right
Elder Jacob Beals balcony sixth from right

Jacob is awesome!  We hang out and talk whenever we can and have played volleyball everyday together!!  Elder Wooden and I are in different rooms but just hang out in the halls together next to our rooms.  We have gotten so close but are excited to get to Barranquilla.  The CCM is jammed and we can't wait to get out of here on Tuesday!!  I am in a room with other Latinos and Elder Stucki (from Oregon) and another Gringo companionship.  We can't have our cameras except for on pdays so I will have to send those pics to dropbox when I get out.  I have snapped a few.  I have put on 10 lbs. in 5 weeks and I promise it isn't in the wrong places!  Proselyting again was an amazing experience!!  Getting cussed out is a daily thing I guess and it helps because you can't do anything else but say thank you and laugh!!  Smiling truly is the key to a successful mission!  I am so amazed at how much I have learned in these short, fast 5 weeks but can't wait for the opportunities I have to learn many more lessons and teachings from my Father in Heaven!!  I realize now that true happiness comes from the gospel and scriptures and simple truths we sometimes take for granted!  That is all I am here in Colombia to do is to teach the people about the simple truths we have!  I love you all and hope you all are having mission opportunities in your lives!!  I have learned how important the members are to the missionary effort!!  I love you guys!!  I will email when I get to the mission home.  Keep doing what you know you need to do!!
With Love,
Elder Slack 
Tell Gavin I won't forget to kick his butt in two years for locking you in the pantry!!

Elder Brady Slack
Elder Echeverry second from left

Elder Slack and Elder Santa Cruz from Paraguay


  1. So fun. I am glad that he seems to be doing so well. And who did Gavin lock in the pantry? :)