Monday, February 16, 2015

Can I get a hallelujah?!?...February 16, 2015

Holy I am dead tired and drained to the max!!  This week was super weird!  We started off Monday really well but then we had to have a training for the new missionaries (my companion) on Tuesday until 6 so we only got to work 3 hours.  Then on Wednesday we had zone conference.  It was super good and the main theme was on how we can consecrate our time in the mission!  I learned tons and was able to look and see that I could definitely consecrate my time as a missionary better.  It was awesome!  After zone conference, we were able to finally baptize Deivis and Diana.  Can I get a hallelujah?!?   It was a super spiritual experience and I haven't seen smiles on their faces until now.  I am so glad but now the real work begins with the ward and helping them stay active so that they can go to the temple.  Fun fact, while in our training Tuesday, some men from Utah were there looking at the temple site and we found out in zone conference that it should be announced in General conference.  Someone who works for the church said that in three years from now it will be entirely finished!  What an amazing feeling to be working here during such an amazing time!!  The other days were pretty boring because this week has been Carnival and so we have been shut indoors!  It is so crazy and I am sick and tired of the apartment but I definitely need the rest haha!  I am so glad for the experiences I have had these last couple of transfers!  My president wrote me this week and told me that nobody learns in times of ease.  I have definitely learned these past couple of weeks!  I am doing super good and hope you are all able to read the scriptures, pray always, and go to the temple.  I would challenge all of you to have a family home evening with the missionaries in the next couple of weeks and feed them good!  I know they get hungry!  Love you all!!
Love, Elder Slack

Our District at Zone Conference

Elder Aaron Wooden and Elder Brady Slack

Elder Slack, Elder Cevallos, and Elder Wooden
Baptism Day February 11, 2015
Elder Brady Slack, Deivis and Diana Marquez and Elder Mora

Elder Slack, Deivis Marquez, Diana Marquez, Elder Mora, Elder Dos Santos, and Elder Cevallos in front

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