Thursday, February 12, 2015

Carnival is coming up this weekend...February 9, 2015

The past week was super good!!  Our investigators (Deivis and Diana) had another interview with our mission president and will be baptized this Wednesday!!  I am so excited for them because finally they are doing what they should have done the first time the missionaries visited them!!  We have two other investigators that should be baptized the 21 of this month!  One is Juliana who is 18 years old.  In these 2 weeks she has read past Alma!!  The other is Elkyn who is 11.  His sisters are members but their mother is not.  He is super awesome and reading every day!!  I am doing good and ready to have a week long rest with Carnival coming up this weekend!!  It is a little crazy because our area is about 6 blocks from the whole shebang and so we should get some crazy people close to the house for some good pics!!
This week was super fast but I learned that I can always do more.  We got two new Zone leaders who kind of gave me the good word and made me open my eyes a little. Reminded me of the conference talk, "Better and Best".  I know I definitely could do the best in all areas. Because I am the Trainer, my decisions reflect our work and I am not working to my potential.  I am so grateful for the atonement.  I am grateful to be able to repent for even the smallest of things so that once again I can get back on the path I need to so that I can always do what our Father in Heaven has asked!  I know this church is true and that our Savior loves all of us.  I love you too and hope for the best for all of you!! 
Love, Elder Slack

**I am posting this late this week and am not sure if Deivis and Diana were baptized yesterday.  Of course Satan threw more obstacles in their way in the form of the doctor filing charges against them for some reason.  I know this is trying their faith, the faith of Brady and Elder Mora and also of our family.  Hopefully we will hear good news next week!!

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