Monday, May 18, 2015

On to Santa Marta...April 27, 2015

 What a crazy week!  I was transferred from Barranquilla to Santa Marta.  I am literally cruising the coast of Colombia!!  My new companion is Elder Peidra from Ecuador.  He is newer in the mission with just 3 months and finishing his training!  He is super good and we get along great!!  I was so super sad to leave Barranquilla, especially a ward with so many friends(my Colombian dad and family, Adolfo Vargas and super awesome people progressing in the gospel)!!  I got to my area which is one of the smallest branches in the mission with a solid 35 active members!  Haha I got to church and kind of laughed!  My area is super, super good and we have tons of people that are always so kind to listen.  We work very fluidly and have a solid 50 lessons a week without even trying.  The only hard part is it is a little trip to go to church and so it is hard for some of the people to come to church.  There are a lot of less active members here too so I would love to start to work some for them and I think that is going to be my goal while I am here.  Santa Marta is very humid and looks way too much like Globe and Miami Arizona.  The mountains are super close to the city and have all the cacti and what not.  The only difference is that in the city, all the smaller neighborhoods are separated and so it has this super small town feel to it!  I love it here and I have plenty of work to do! Santa Marta is definitely the tourist part of Colombia so when I start to get out on Mondays I will have plenty of pics for yall!!!  I hope you all have a super awesome week and I love you all!!
Elder Slack

PS.  I went from the second biggest ward in the mission in Lucero to the smallest branch in the mission.  Santa Marta is two districts and hasn't grown in the last 30 years!  Plenty of people to work with but very little come to church.  The branch president is 45 years old and has been in that calling since he was 19!!  He only took two years off to serve his mission!

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