Monday, May 18, 2015

Long, lonely bus ride to Valledupar...May 18, 2015

Wow!  So, so sorry for the time I haven't been able to write a big letter!  Two weeks ago we were able to go to the mountains of Santa Marta (got back late) and then last week I was able to talk with my family!! Wahoo for family and I love them very much but I am very honest in saying it is real weird talking with them.  Santa Marta was awesome and I loved every minute of it!  It was super hot and we had a solid church attendance of 25 (including 4 missionaries and 6 in the president's family who don't live in the branch boundaries).  However, many young people are listening to the gospel and I believe that the Lord has something prepared in the future for the church here in Santa Marta.  I actually finished up in Santa Marta on Monday after I talked to my family and left for Valledupar on Tuesday.  It was a long lonely bus ride of 5 hours but I survived and met my new companions.  One is Elder Lince who was an assistant a transfer ago.  He is from Ecuador and will be going home here in a month or so.  My other companion is Elder Miller from Roy.  He came a transfer after I did and is super awesome!  There are 21 missionaries in the zone and I am working with one whose companion went home on Tuesday for problems with kidney stones and stomach flu until his new companion gets here!
This week Elder Godoy from the area presidency will be coming to speak to the mission.  I am looking forward to listening to him and hearing what he has to say and how we can become better missionaries.  We will be in Barranquilla on Friday (leaving Friday morning at 2 and getting home Friday at 11) then back to work!!  It should be  wonderful experience! 
Besides these couple of crazy things going on nothing is to abnormal nor do I feel stressed or out of place!  The church is really truly one big family!  I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Elder Slack
Zone in Valledupar


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