Monday, May 18, 2015

I finally met Hermana Pantoja...April 20, 2015

**Brady did not send a big email this week but these were a few of the highlights...

I finally met Hermana Pantoja this week!  We were in the stake center for General Conference and we met up.  She is a nice little lady!! :)  She actually called my name while I was talking and said she knew it was me.  Haha  I don't know how, but she did! :)  (She told her daughter, Adriana that he was a happy face Elder)
I got a little sick this week and couldn't eat hardly anything without feeling the need to throw up so I am actually super skinny right now.  Haha

**We got word last night that Brady is being transferred to Santa Marta.  He will really miss the people in Lucero, especially the Vargas family

Hermana Pantoja and Elder Slack
Elder Brady Slack and Elder Stewart Black from Blanding, Utah

Elder Slack, Juliana and Elder Morales


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