Monday, September 8, 2014

All is well in Zion...September 8, 2014

 Week... ah who really cares I'm here to stay and they all feel like the exact same week with naps!  It is the same old and not much has happened.  We have been teaching one mother of one of our recent converts and I don't know why but she didn't want to come to church or progress.  Finally, we decided to have a lesson together with another lady in the ward and BOOM! it seemed like the world opened and she finally got it!  I can't believe the connection members have with the people in the ward and how much of a help she was!  She came to church and started to read with this lady and her sister.  It was a miracle!  Our recent convert, Victor, got a sweet haircut (thank heavens I bought those clippers) and shaved, got a white shirt, tie, and the priesthood and looks like a champ now!
It has rained consistently every morning which makes for super hot and humid days... but really, let's make some memories!! :)  Every day is blending together and don't worry... I sweat my body weight daily so I don't think I will be coming back fat (at least I hope not)!!  I would say come to Cartagena with a swim suit and sunglasses but not with a white shirt and tie because the shirt will just get sweat stains and the tie makes you sweat more!!  Heck yeah!!
I actually love all that is going on!  We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 as a zone today and that was an experience!!  Our district leader told us to wear street clothes because we were going to be playing games and we got there and yeah... we were the only ones in street clothes!  Haha!  My comp was so embarrassed but I embraced it after I took a deep breath and it was fine.  All is well in Zion!  I took my name badge off and acted like an investigator.  It worked for a bit because only my district knows me and I was also wearing glasses, but hey, I can try right?  It is super fun and I am learning tons.  Hope everyone is doing awesome and I love you all!!  Keep up (or start perhaps..? :) the scripture studying, praying, and attending the temple!!  Infinity Googles!
 Elder Slack

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