Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Together for 6 more weeks...September 29, 2014

Well hello everyone!!  What a long week it has been.  Very fun but super long!  As long as I just forget about home and think about how easy I have it here, everything goes by a heck of a lot quicker.  I mean, I don't have to worry about school, a job, money, what I am going to wear for the day (besides the color of pants and a tie to match), or money, or whatever.  All I have to worry about is what we are teaching and where to go because there are some places in my area that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.  Elder Herbas and I are together for 6 more weeks.  Nobody in our district changed so I am sure next time it will shake up.  Everyone has been here in Cartagena for 3 months except for me.  The weather is still hot and the food is still good, that probably won't change.  What did change is who we are teaching!!  We have one neighborhood area that is really starting to get difficult because of some problems we are having with a member so we have thrown out the names of those who aren't progressing and just started to ask for references and talk with people in our other barrios (neighborhoods).  It has helped so I guess we will see what we can do with what we have!!
I am amazed at how much I learn from the scriptures!  We are teaching two pastors who are very interested and I am amazed at how much the Bible testifies of the Book of Mormon!!  Boy did they have questions and boy did we shoot 'em down with answers that are found in the scriptures.  I am so excited for General Conference this week and I hope all who are reading are praying and preparing to listen to the Prophet of God and his Apostles who are all called.  I am so excited to hear and receive answers to so many questions I have had since I arrived in the mission!!  I am amazed at the work that is happening and what is in store for us as children of our Heavenly Father!!  I know this Church is true and that if we will prepare, pray, and read the scriptures and go to Conference with a question, we will receive an answer directly from God through His servants the Prophets.  I hope you all find time to thank Heavenly Father for what you have and to read the scriptures.  Find time to go to the temple if nothing else to sit outside and feel the love He has for us!!  I am so sad we don't have a temple in the mission and can't wait for the people of Colombia to receive another House of the Lord!  Love you all and I hope you are all safe and sound!!
Elder Slack

Elder Brady Slack and...?

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