Monday, October 20, 2014

Quarantined!!...October 20, 2014

Well hello to all!  I hope that your week has been splendid and you have not gotten Ebola.  Yes we see the news occasionally and I was kind of nervous here for a bit!  I am seriously beginning to wonder when our Savior is coming because here there is a virus caused by mosquito bites called Chinkingunya that causes a fever, vomiting, aches and pains in the joints and bones and muscles, cramps, and diarrhea.. yeah, it is bad!!  Just about everyone has gotten it!!  We had a service project on Saturday and my comp got bit like 20 times!!  He has been so sick and we are stuck in our apartment at least until Wednesday.  Quarantined!  It has been so sad to watch him.  Luckily I have not gotten it.  I found this repellant that smells like baby lotion so I have been putting it on and I still smell good!!  Heck yeah!  The bad part is that it mixes with my sweat during the day and I end up having to reapply and wash my eyes out.. I feel a little blind sometimes!! ;)

Service Project left to right  Elder Slack, Elder Moreno (Ecuador), Elder Herbas (Bolivia), Elder Centon (Peru), Elder Seminario District Leader (Peru), Elder Carvahal (Peru)

Elder Slack and Elder Herbas fighting everything but the Chinkingunya virus with their deadly banana guns!

We are still teaching the Perez family and the lessons are going super good!  They are super nice and awesome neighbors! Once we told them we were 19 yrs old and living alone they immediately offered us food!! They have been running errands for us while Elder Herbas is sick.  Woohoo!!  But seriously, they are an awesome family and I hope they realize the blessings we receive as families in this gospel through the Book of Mormon and church attendance!  We are also teaching Hma Maritza and a man who owns a fruit/variety/whatever you want store and it is super difficult for him to get to church.. man Sundays are definitely a love/hate relationship with me!  Other than that things are going real smooth here!  I have 2 more weeks officially in this area and then it is all up to the President and Heavenly Father as to where they want me to go!  I hope I don't leave this area because it is awesome and there are so many people that love the gospel!!  The mission is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and it is a little sad to see it going so fast, but I guess it is because we are trying to work hard!  I hope you all are doing wonderful and continue to do the things the Lord has commanded!  Keep being bousses!!  Love ya!
Elder Slack

 Perez Family left to right Loriol (mom), Edilia (daughter 15), Elliott (grandson 12), Ellevis (daughter), John (baby grandson), John (son in law kind of) 

Perez Family with Elder Slack and Elder Herbas

Elder Herbas, Hma Maritza, Elder Slack


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