Monday, October 27, 2014

I am amazed at the miracles the Savior can perform...October 27, 2014

Well this was very interesting!!  I think the worst words you can hear on a mission in Spanish is "Quedan en casa".  I left the house a total of 3 hours this week up until Saturday when we were able to leave for the full day.  My companion was sick with this Chinkinguyna thing.  It was terrible!!  He couldn't sleep, couldn't walk with pains in his body, and had a fever of about 100 degrees.  Everyone has this stupid sickness so that was my week!  I had PLENTY of time to clean the apartment and read the Book of Mormon and yeah, that was about it!!  I caught some serious needed ZZ's during the week for a couple of days and that was a terrible idea because when we left on Saturday I was exhausted!!  O well!!  Other than that it was fine!!
I stepped on a scale this week for the first time in 3 months and I was shocked!!  I knew I was growing a little bit because I had to have some of my pants adjusted to be bigger and longer but I didn't know I weighed 175 pounds!  I gained 10 pounds in 3 months!!  It is the first time I have noticed all 6 pecks of my pack and my comp makes fun of me and calls me a girl because he says I have moobs, but they are real!!  I am in excellent shape besides my legs.  In my 2nd week here I had a dream (and it is the only one I have had or remember because I am dead when I sleep) that I had to buy a new suit and when I got home my family didn't recognize me because I was fat.. but I am not fat!!  Just growing which is super good because I don't want my brothers to be taller than me hahaha :)
All of our investigators are doing good!  The Perez family we are teaching is progressing and recognizing the Holy Ghost!  Every time I see them I want to throw 'em in the font because it is about time!!  :) :) Our Recent Convert Victor had his interview to advance in the priesthood as an Elder.  It was very quick and I didn't know if he was ready or not but the Stake President said that he is wonderful and the interview was a very spiritual experience!  I am amazed at the miracles the Savior can preform.  Victor is kind of struggling right now but I am amazed at his faith in tithing, church attendance, and patience.  It has built my faith in the process.  That was basically my week and I feel like I say the same things over  and over but hey.. welcome to the life of a missionary!  We had Conference as a stake (but it was also every stake in Colombia) and Elder Holland talked a lot about families and the importance of the family here on earth.  I hope all are well and saying prayers, reading scriptures, and having Family Home Evening as a family!  He promised more happiness, unity, and love to those who promise to  do these 3 simple things.  I love you all and keep bein' bousses!!
Love Elder Slack

P.S. "Life is like a ballgame but a lot of what happens depends on the umpire."

Javier, a priest from the Alto Bosque ward, sent us a picture of Brady this week.  Such a fun surprise!!  All of the priests have seen Gavin's Instagram posts and loved them!

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