Monday, November 3, 2014

Always help and serve those around you...November 3, 2014

Well, the week has come and gone and it has been a different but at the same time a very special week!!  Our recent convert, Victor moved this week so we currently have 0 recent converts to teach.  It is about time we get some new ones huh??:)  We have 5 people (2 Perez family members, Alba Carrasquilla and her son and Hma Maritza) on track for baptism the 15th of this month.  It really all depends on them to gain a testimony, read the scriptures, and pray.. I know that if they really do it, our Heavenly Father will give them the answer they are looking for because He can do anything if we have faith and are obedient to His commandments!! This week was very special for me because of one event that took place.  On Saturdays we have an English class I teach but nobody showed up so we left early and ate arepas (they are so so so good but that wasn't the special part).  As we were walking home, we encountered an older man walking with a cane.  I felt impressed to talk with him even though it was a bit late.  We stopped to talk to him and come to find out, he is 70 years old, blind, and he was 15 minutes from his house (in the other direction of our house)!!  I was shocked that he was out walking without anyone to help him!  In this moment, I remembered words that both my Grandpa and my Dad have told me, "Always help and serve those around you because you would want someone to do the same for those you love".   I asked if we could help and he immediately grabbed my arm and said Thank you.  He was very lost actually and needed help but didn't know what to do!  I can't describe the feeling I had as I was helping him walk up and down sidewalks, around trees, and just talking to him.  I have seen him before around his house but I certainly gained a different perspective this week.  I truly felt the pure love of Christ and I know one day I will see that man again and thank him for changing me and being a blessing in my life for a day!  I am here on a mission but actually, those I talk to are helping me.  I love Colombia and everyone I serve.  I hope everyone takes the opportunity to give simple service as we start the season of giving and holidays!!
Halloween was fun here and they even trick or treat the next day for all the leftover candy!!  I think I will start that tradition when I get home!! :)  We get the call for transfers tonight so I will have Hermana Ledys' Facebook message you and tell you about my new assignment.
Love you all and hope you continue to be blessed and be obedient to what our Father in Heaven has told us.  Obedience is a direct reflection of our commitment and faith.  Love you all and keep being bousses!
Love, Elder Slack

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