Monday, November 10, 2014

It is already a little crazy here...November 10, 2014

I survived another transfer and am still here in Cartagena (Alto Bosque estaca Los Alpes).  However, my companion did transfer to Barranquilla.  My new companion is Elder Aguirre and is from Lima, Peru.  He is 18 and has about 7 months in the mission.  He is a short little guy and we are getting along great!  We have worked really hard this week both cleaning the house and talking with a ton of people!!  This mission has three names first Mission Barranquilla Colombia, second Mission Impossible (but that is another story), and third, Mission Peru y Utah (because just about all the missionaries are from Peru and Utah).
We have 5 investigators on track for the 22nd of this month.  They were on track for this coming Saturday but we have a little thing called CARNIVAL or Festival here in Cartagena this week.  It is the celebration of the independence of Cartagena.  All the missionaries are not allowed to leave the house.  Only on Sunday to go to church and they have to go in a taxi.  I am super excited to see the craziness but I am only excited to see it from the comfort of my apartment.  Haha!  It is already a little crazy here!!
All of our investigators are doing awesome!  We have two that I am a little nervous about.. one has had multiple sets of missionaries because she doesn't want to give up smoking.. the other one recently had a baby but isn't married.  We taught the Law of Chastity to her and she immediately asked what she could do so that she could live this commandment!  I am so impressed and amazed at the faith some of these people have and I have realized what a blessing this Gospel is in our lives.  This week, one of the men on our street passed away.  We had talked to him a little and he did not want to listen. His mom passed away about 2 months ago and he was devastated. He would sit outside alone crying on his porch.  We finally went up to him one more time and just talked and taught a little about the Plan of Salvation.  It was terrible for the people living on our street and everyone was panic stricken and crying and I am so glad to have the knowledge I have and it was a great teaching opportunity!  I just feel a little bad for not being a little more persistent and talking to him more.  I guess I learned that I need to take the opportunity when I can and listen to the promptings of the spirit more.  I am doing awesome and hope the same for all of you!  Keep reading the scriptures and praying and going to church and the temple when possible!  We are so blessed!
Love, Elder Slack

Elder Slack and Elder Aguirre from Lima, Peru


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