Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Damage Control...November 24, 2014

I think this week should be called damage control in my mission!  After a very long week of pure partying by the people of Cartagena, we finally got to leave the apartment and begin teaching again.  This week was mostly to see who was doing what they should have been doing and who remembered what.  Unfortunately, a couple of the people we are teaching no longer want to hear or aren't doing what we had taught.  However, we do have a baptism of an investigator and her son this coming Saturday!  All of the family that they live with are members and they are the only ones!  It should be a wonderful experience for the entire family and I know that the baptism will help some other members who are struggling right now!  Weeks are kinda the same but I would however like to use an analogy (or a parable, because Christ taught in parables) that my Papa told me this week to help us all this holiday season!  He said, "When you have two mouse holes, do you only set the trap at one hole?"  He gave this analogy of the missionaries of the church, but is there anyone we know that is slipping?  As I enter the holiday season I remember more now than ever the importance of Christ in Christmas and the importance of service and remembering Him and His work.  I hope you all are doing splendid.  Just know that I am doing awesome!  The prayers help but they help you too so keep saying them!  I hope you can all find time in your busy schedules to "Count your many Blessings".  I love you all!
Love, Elder Slack

Views from the apartment

Elder Aguirre, ?, Elder Slack, ?

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