Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He Is the Gift...December 1, 2014

Another week has come and gone!  I am amazed at the time that has past and the little time I have ahead!  I feel like the climb is over after this next transfer and then it is open waters from here on out!!  I love the area I am in.  I feel like it is the best in our zone!  I am hoping that I stay in this area over Christmas because I have a lot of super awesome people in this area that are always offering food!! :)  We had another baptism this week and it was one of our investigators, Hermana Alba.  She has 3 sons, and besides her son who is 8 years old, was the only non-member in her entire family!  She was super hard but I was very shocked to see her just break down in tears as she bore her testimony after she was baptized.  The Gospel and Holy Ghost really do amazing things!!  She is progressing way faster after than she ever did before her baptism!!  Other than that, things are going good here in Colombia!
Thanksgiving day passed quickly which made things a ton easier!!  We went bowling today as a zone.  Had a great time doing something a little different.  I am so glad to be a missionary and I would challenge all of you to see the new video "He Is the Gift" on mormon.org and share it with all your neighbors, friends, friends on Facebook, and family!!  Love you all and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!
Love, Elder Slack

Bowling with the Zone
Elder Slack is the only American in his Zone
Elder Aguirre, ?, Elder Slack, ?,?, Hermana Alba, ?
Happy Holidays!!  Love, Elder Slack

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