Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transfers are tonight...December 15, 2014

Hello everyone!!  This week was very different with Zone Conferences, some interviews with the President, and some divisions with the Zone Leaders!!  I am learning tons here in the mission but mostly just that I need to open my mouth and talk because people are ready to listen!  We have set aside most of the investigators we were teaching because of their lack of progression and have a whole new page of people to talk to!  One of the ladies we are teaching is in a wheelchair.  Her name is Carmen Pajaro.  She is 43 years old and knows the Bible like the back of her hand but it is amazing how confused she is about some of the principles!  She isn't married but has plans to get married this month to her partner of more than 15 years!  They are super attentive to what we teach.  I am amazed at the faith she shows under her circumstances!!!  One of the little blessings I have received to show the hand of the Lord in all things!  We are also teaching a man named Hever Pariñan who isn't married either.  He has two little kids and is super good friends with the Bishop.  We had an appointment with him and the Bishop that went super well!  I know he felt the spirit.  The only thing is, that doesn't deny the fact that he has his agency!  I guess we will see!  Everyone is getting ready for Christmas here!  I don't feel too bad because I know you don't have snow either so MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)  Transfers are tonight and I am anxious to see what will happen!  I guess no matter what happens I am still in the mission so it isn't that big of a deal!  I am excited to spend Christmas here under the palm trees!  Oh and today we were going to a Zone activity and got stuck behind some cars because a 4 ft. long iguana was crossing the street!!  It was massive!!  Haha!  I am doing absolutely awesome and hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!
Love, Elder Slack

***We received word tonight that Brady will be transferred to Barranquilla tomorrow to be a Trainer.  His sweet Relief Society President, Hermana Ledys, contacted us and said it was her privilege to serve him and that he was a strong missionary and very friendly to all of the people.  We are so grateful to her and all the people in the Alto Bosque area that took such good care of him and made his experience as a missionary a memorable one.

District of Alto Bosque
Victor Sanchez and Elder Slack
Elder Wooden and Elder Slack
Elder ?, Elder Slack, Elder ?, Elder Wooden and Elder ?
The Gringos from the CCM...Elder Wooden, Elder Slack and Elder Balle
Last view from his apartment in Alto Bosque area in Cartagena

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