Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There is always room to improve...October 13, 2014

Well hello!!  Another week has come and gone so fast.  I woke up and literally forgot today was my pday!!  This week we didn't have as good as numbers as we should have.  I have been told that numbers start  to drop a little here for a bit because it is starting  to get into the rainy season!  When it rains here, it POURS!!  Everyone wears a sweater or a blanket and I laugh because I am in heaven!! People here don't know what cold really is!!  We had interviews with the president this week and it was awesome!  I laughed when I told him they shouldn't send a Utah boy here to Cartagena and he said they shouldn't send anything with a heart beat here.. yeah it is a little hot!  It is nice and cool when it rains but immediately after the sun is blistering hot and you can see the steam rising off the streets. 
This week, I have taught 3 lessons in English to our neighbor who speaks a ton of English!!  His name is Oscar and he is about 26 years old.  He has a perfume business and knows a ton but he just speaks really slow and wants to improve and I have been teaching him!  His family is Catholic and he has a brother with special needs who is 18.  Oscar is really receptive so we will see!!  He is learning how to speak faster so I am helping AND he is studying the scriptures!!  We have also been teaching a lady who is 50 years old, her daughter, and the grandson who is 12 years old.  I am dearly hoping I don't change because the boy said today how much he loved the ward and his family said they enjoyed what they heard!  Gosh, it is a family of gold and I hope they really felt the spirit.  I had to give a talk in church yesterday.. I didn't even know until Friday afternoon when I found our 1st Counselor in another home during companion exchanges and I was in another area.  It was good to find out late because I had zero nerves!  I talked for 10 minutes and hopefully it made sense!  Everyone said it did but it felt like I was talking gibberish.  Thank heavens for a loving Heavenly Father who helped me out!
I am learning and growing immensely and surprised at how much I am able to communicate with others!  I have learned this week how important it is to not hurry all the time and learn from everything we do!  I don't know why but there is always room to improve!
I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and know this church is true.  So many things are being fulfilled in the work of the Lord and we should all be excited to be apart of this great opportunity we have to share what we have with others (like Elder Bednar said during his talk in general conference). I love you all and wish you the best in all you may do!
Elder Slack


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