Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elder Uceda is coming...March 16, 2015

Wow!  Another week down, not a whole lot left.  I'm getting nervous, like my mother feels in tight spaces!!  It is crazy how fast the time is going and all of things we have been able to do in this short time!!  Transfers flew by and I stayed in my area with Elder Mora!  We put aside our difficulties and just got to work!  We had an abundance of lessons this week but very little in the church yesterday.  I learned two lesson from this.. 1)Focusing on the person is one of the most important things.  2) Free agency is the best gift our Father in Heaven has given us.  But if we don't use it right, we end up worse off than where we started out!  This week in the mission and in the stake where I am working we have the wonderful opportunity to be able to listen to Elder Uceda who is a member of the Quorum of the 70 and our Area President.  The mission will be listening to him this Friday and then our stake will get to listen to him on Saturday and Sunday as our stake conference!  It will be a wonderful experience to help me prepare for General Conference and learn a ton!  I have a feeling that some big announcements will be made!! :)  I am doing awesome and hope you all have a wonderful week!!  If any of you have questions email my mother and I would be more than happy to respond to them in this email!!
Love, Elder Slack

Elder Dos Santos, Elder Cevallos, Aldofo Vargas and family, Elder Slack, Elder Mora
And, he got 'em

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  1. And that picture with the mouse is one of the reasons going on a mission always scared me! :) I am glad he is doing so well. Thanks for posting these emails. It is so fun to see what he is learning and doing.