Monday, March 9, 2015

Oh, I am getting a big ole sack of repentance, humility, and patience...March 9, 2015

What a quick week!  I feel like yesterday I was sitting at the computer typing this darn thing but here I am again..  This week was super good.  We were able to have quite the lessons and to finish it all off we had a baptism on Saturday and about 20 people at church!!!  We baptized a young man named Elquin Velez.  He is from a part member family and is 10 years old!  Other than that nothing else is really new.  Transfers are tomorrow and so I guess we will see what will happen with those tonight with the phone call!!  This week I actually had a super neat experience.  We are teaching a family (not married) where the dad drinks a ton!!!  We were teaching the mom one night and saw about 40 bottles of beer on his table.  He then came out of his room, went to the bathroom, threw up, then yelled at us to bring his motorcycle in the house.  His wife couldn't do it so my companion and I brought it in and then left!  We then waited for him while he was with his friends a couple days later to talk with him.  We were asking a couple questions and his wife came into the lesson.  I was sharing some scriptures and my testimony and this man cut me off!!!  Man was a I ticked!!  I stood up and said let me finish.  I finished, told him if he wanted to continue listening we would talk in the chapel the next day.  He didn't come to church and I am not afraid to say that I won't pass for his house unless he contacts us..  However, I felt terrible about what I did so I was reading the Liahona for the month of March and came across a ton of things about repentance and then a phrase that caught my attention.  It said, "Jesus always declared repentance, never condemnation".. Yeah, I felt real dumb and humble and after that had a nice long conversation with my Father in Heaven.  I know that we can truly be forgiven of the things we have done in the past and that God is blessing us but sometimes an umbrella of sin, pride, and bad thoughts are shielding these blessings from us.. I love you all and am doing splendid here in Colombia!  Hope you all have a wonderful week in a life that truly is a gift from God.
Love, Elder Slack

**I had just asked Brady what he was learning on his mission when he responded with the title of today's blog.  Then, the blog email came through.  It is so great that he is learning and having experiences that will bless his life forever!

Elder Dos Santos, Elder Mora, Elder Cevallos, Elder Slack
Elder Slack, Elquin Velez, Elder Mora


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