Monday, April 20, 2015

Rat Infestation!!...March 30, 2015

Hello my dear family and friends!  I hope you are all doing wonderfully well and that things are going good!!  I am doing splendid here in Barranquilla, Colombia!  Eating tons, walking lots, and sleeping little!  Things are going very good and I do have to say that I am pretty much best friends with the people that live in the street that try to speak English!  Sometimes I am tempted to learn German and start speaking!  Everyone says I am not from the U.S. because I don't speak like the rest of them.. I just try to have a little fun with em!! :)  This week was a pretty good week with a  baptism and a confirmation to top it off!  First confirmation I have done in the mission and it was a very interesting feeling!  Nothing like I have ever felt!!  We also seem to have quite the constant rat infestation in our apartment.  This week we have killed 5 rats and these aren't your little household mice either!!  These things get big!!  I think I might become a pro rat killer in the future!!  We threw some poison outside on a deck thing and came home to a very amazing fragrance on Saturday night!! The stupid thing ate the poison then found it's way in the house.  It was about ready to explode so we played rock, paper, scissors to see who had to pick it up but my comp isn't that good because he always plays rock first!  So, I won and the sucker had to pick up the exploding rat hahaha :):)  I am doing super awesome and looking forward to an amazing General Conference!  Should be stellar and I hope each and every one of you will have the opportunity to listen!!  Love you all and wish the best!! 
Love, Elder Slack

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