Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Homemade lasagna and chocolate chip cookies...June 9, 2015

This past week was super busy and super inspiring!  We started off the week with transfers.  Being the farthest from the Mission Home, we had to send those being changed off at 2:00 in the morning and were in the terminal until 5:00.  We got permission from President to sleep in a bit.. :).  Then we had a super constructive day until about 7:00 pm when the other missionaries got to Valledupar and we had to go get them.  Wednesday should have been a normal day but we had to run a ton of errands for the zone (starting off with the sisters who lost their keys) and we just kept going and going until 8:00 at night when we were able to rattle off a couple lessons!  Thursday we went to Barranquilla for a leader council with President Searle. It was super awesome and lots of things have changed since Elder Godoy (member of the Seventy) came.  He kinda cleaned up the mission so it runs a little better!  We got to stay in the Mission home and it was huge and gorgeous!!  Sister Searle cooked for us and it was awesome to eat some homemade Lasagna and home baked chocolate chip cookies.  Even though they weren't as good as my mothers, it was still nice to eat something that tasted like home!  Our week ended very well and has just kept going until now!!  I have learned tons from my Companion Elder Lince (from Ecuador) and we are getting along great!  Since Elder Godoy came to the mission, we have been pressed to receive our personal revelation and for those over whom we preside.  It has been interesting as I have pushed myself to listen to the spirit and try to follow all He says.  I can honestly say He really will take over if we give Him the opportunity and we will just go on from there!!  We will only be able to be guided by the Spirit if we are strict in our obedience! Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Love, Elder Slack

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