Thursday, January 8, 2015

KFC in Colombia...December 29, 2014

Hello and Happy Holidays from Colombia!!  I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season and that you all were able to enjoy time together as family and friends!!  I do have to say that I never have eaten so much in my life nor had quite a Christmas dinner. I bet none of you will guess what we ate as a mission for our Christmas dinner...When I told my mother that it was Gavin's and Dad's favorite place to eat (not really) she immediately knew what it was!  Yes, for our Christmas dinner we ate a chicken wing, hamburger, and coleslaw from KFC!!  Here in Colombia!!  Haha!  I was quite surprised to see that and I can honestly say it was the worst Christmas dinner I have eaten in my life!! Haha!  It was not bad but just not what I was expecting!!!  Our week was fine but kind of difficult because it was the holiday season and many people were either too busy with family or too preoccupied in the corner store.  We were able to talk to a couple of people though.   Less actives more than anything.  So that is our focus for the next little bit here!  The ward we are in is so willing to help us in whatever way they can which makes things super awesome!!  I hope you all have a wonderful time and remember truly the reason why we celebrate this time of year!!
Love, Elder Slack
***For the first time I have other Americans in my District and Zone!  Elder Kletzli is in my District and he is from Kaysville.  He knows Davis Owens and we get along great!  There are 3 other Americans in my Zone; Elder Edgar from Idaho, Elder Frost from Arizona and Elder Atwood from Springville, Utah.

Elder Mora taking a nap
This is what their washing machines look lids!

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