Thursday, January 8, 2015

What!! No letter??...January 5, 2014

No letter today.  Still in a bit of a daze with all I am trying to do.  Hope I am doing what I am supposed to.  We have a meeting with the Bishop and Deivis and Diana tonight.  They want to get married and baptized this week!  Wahoo!!  We went to the zoo today as a District.  It was kind of dumb but I got lots of pictures.  I will send a big letter next week!
Elder Mora

Thumbs up with the Badger!
Elder Kletzli
Elder Kletzli from Kaysville, Utah and Elder Slack
Elder Slack

Yes, Elder Slack is a mono (monkey)
The Lucero District
Elder Mora, Elder ?, Hermana ?, Hermana ?, Elder Kletzli
Elder Slack (District Leader), Elder ?, Elder ?

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