Thursday, April 7, 2016

It got fixed...November 9, 2015

I can honestly say that time goes by a lot faster when you are busy.  My time as a zone leader has gone by super fast!  This week we were running too many errands and teaching too little.  I have gotten to the point where all I want to be doing is out looking for more people to teach and helping them fix problems in their life.  I have really come to realize that we all have problems that can be fixed. 
On Tuesday, there were some missionaries that didn't fill out a report right and it looked like (at least to me and my companion) that they were robbing money (which according to my mission president is the number one reason people get fired from work or called to a disciplinary council here in the coast) and it got fixed!!  We also got to visit some houses (house revisions are the best where we find tons of little "sins") and found that nobody was filling out their area book... It got fixed!! (at least I hope because if not they will feel my wrath...)
Lately I have been super discouraged because I haven't seen any progress from investigators in our area.. IT GOT FIXED!!! :) haha  Angelica is a lady we have been visiting for about 4 weeks now. She lives with some guy (I think a relative of our Elders Quorum Pres.) and has two kids.  She reads, prays, has a testimony, but has never come to church.  She finally came (but only to the Sacrament).  We will continue to help her out a bit and have her in all three meetings next week!
Our chapel is also precisely fixed on a lot where behind it has a parking lot and the other side is a huge park.  That is a huge light in the sky for whatever street goers do after 10:00 (which is a time I wouldn't be caught dead out here) and so we get to church Sunday morning for ward council and find some blood stains (pretty big ones too) and graffiti marks.  O what a joy!! :) 
This month I have been super focused on losing myself in the work and forgetting all other things (or at least putting them off to another side) to become an even more converted disciple of Jesus Christ.  I can say that Satan really does put lots of things in our path to make us lose our focus.  BUT IT GOT FIXED!! :) hahaha  I love the preisthood power and the revelation our leaders recieve on our behalf.  It is one big thing that builds our testimonies but lots of little things that strengthen it precisely when we need it.  I know that Christ lives and I have a sincere desire to learn even more about the Atonement.  When we can understand the Atonement better we will become more converted and be able to face the adversary with even more power. 
I love you all and hope you have an excellent week!!
Love, Elder Slack

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