Thursday, April 7, 2016

What would Jesus do?...Dember 14, 2015

This past week we had the awesome opportunity to have interviews!  This one was different from the rest!  We were able to watch a video of one of the new mission president's seminars where two RM`s gave a 5 minute lesson on the Restoration to Elder Cook and his wife.  I do have to say that it touched many hearts and I was able to truly feel the spirit.  It was incredible to realize that many times while teaching someone I fall into a routine while teaching and the words I share don't really have much meaning.  We were able to apply it in our week (which didn't consist of much work) and we had lots of success!
It was also a great week because we were able to listen to Elder Camargo of the Seventy (area seventy) and he taught us a lot about listening to the spirit!  They announced the Groundbreaking ceremony for the Barranquilla Temple (it will be the 20th of February) and everyone has been super stoked for that!  Elder Camargo talked a lot about obedience and the ability to have more spiritual experiences.  It was awesome because I was able to reflect on my time as a missionary and be able to think back on the wonderful spritual experiences that God has blessed me with.  As I continue to listen to the Spirit and do what he says I will be more apt to his presence in my life and be able to listen to him even more! 
Today I also printed off a super cool talk on thought process (a BYU devotional speech) (don't remember who gave it) and I have a super cool challenge for all of us to do.  It is the "What would Jesus do?" challenge.  In his talk he challanged all of us to ask this simple question before acting or making a decision.  I can honestly say that it is quite hard.  I already lost today to a taxi driver who didn't take us all the way home and wanted to charge us more.  It is hard but I know that as I am able to do it my thoughts will be centered in Jesus and I will be able to feel the influence in my life.  I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Slack

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