Thursday, April 7, 2016

The trouble with pass-along cards...November 30, 2015

What a terrible week!  I do not feel bad for a single missionary serving in the states.  Mostly just because they all got to eat mashed potatoes, turkey, pies, and lots of sliding the belt loop!  
With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas rapidly aproaching we keep doing the same things.  haha  Truth is, we had a wonderful week with lots of learning experiences (I say learning experiences because our week really did go by pretty badly:). 
A while back while riding in a crowded bus I started to talking to everyone with pass-along cards. Many times in my mission they have gotten me into presentations in colleges, Catholic churches to speak with preists, etc.  But this one was something else  I had spoken with a man who worked for the 4Life company out of Utah.  He called me last week as I was writing the fam and asked if we would be interested in a marketing conference to present something from the church.  I called President Searle and he said of course and so we went!  The owner of 4Life is a mission president (for the second time) in Brazil right now and so we went and took a case of Books of Mormon.  Let's just say that an hour and a half later we didn't present anything and left the Books of  Mormon with the goody bags they were giving away.  We wasted quite a bit of time but a learning experience not to get myself into everything that sounds neat! 
Wednesday we had Leader Council and I got to see some good friends and be inspired by our President!  I always love hearing him and his advice on how to become who our Father in Heaven wants us to be.  Thursday and Friday we had exchanges with some of the missionaries in our zone and I got to go to the smaller towns (which I love because nobody knows who the Mormons are and we can talk with the whole world and they love the message). 
Saturday we had a zone meeting and our stake president came and talked to us!  He talked about the Preisthood Keys in Missionary Work and it was super awesome!  I left the meeting ready to conquer the world because we had planned a movie night in our neighborhood.  We were going to watch "Meet the Mormons" with a neighbor's projector on a wall in front of our house.  Working just failed that day and nobody was home so we head home pumped for the movie and we got home and neighbor was leaving to go to a party.... typical... She had bailed on the movie night!  Needless to say we went and had a super awesome lesson with a Less Active (who didn't end up coming to church) and visiting with our "mom" and her family. 
Sunday was very good because a less active showed up at church after being less active for more than 10 years.  She brought her two kids with her (who aren't members) and asked that we start teaching them so that they can be baptized!  Her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church but we will start working with the family and see what magic we can stir up in the family!  I love being a missionary and the many wonderful things that God gives me.  I am grateful for the this holiday season and the opportunity that I have to be able to serve others like I have never done before!
Have a super week and I love you all tons!
Love, Elder Slack

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