Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Red Zone...December 7, 2015

Another one bights the dust!  Last week my mom asked me if time was going by fast or slow.  I replied, days go by like weeks but I get to the computer and have a difficult time rembering what really happened during the week becuase it went by so super fast!  This past week was what I would call a zone week... we had a couple problems with the missionaries so Elder Muñoz and I got to spend some time babysitting... not one of favorite things to do but it had to be done. 
We did two exchanges (one that is called a shadow exchange and then one Sunday with the same companionship becuase of problems they were having) and then one of the houses in our zone ended up getting broken into (and it just happens to be the Elders farthest away from our area) and so we got to go to Santo Tomas (which is my favorite little town ever) and fix some doors.  I just love spending an hour (there and back) in a bus standing up while children cry and women breast feed their babies in wide open like nobody cares.... it is just wonderful... even in the chapel... love my life! Im sure i will look back one day and just laugh at some of these things...
This week was super awesome because we visited for the first time with a less active named Shirley Paola Contreras.  She went inactive about ten years ago for work or studies (things she thought were more important) and decided 2 weeks ago to come back.  She took her two sons (Javier,13 and Carlos, 11) It has been super interesting because they have no idea who God is and why they are here even less who they are.  I learned a little more about the importance of teaching my future family gospel principles in the home.  Combined with the new confernce we have been watching that the General Authorities had about the Sabbath Day it seemed like a good one two jaw breaker telling me to not screw up in the future... :)  I am gonna need all the help I can get Mother... and you always told me you would just laugh when I called asking for advice. 
Even though maybe I am not seeing a huge amount of success in my area it is progressing and easing into a different stage of work.  We opened a "Red Zone" this week (I would never have gone without being a missionary, someone from the hood in Detriot would wet their pants) but it was super awesome and met some wonderful people!  The gospel truly changes peoples lives! (don't worry Mom we were outta there before 7!) 
Love you and hope you can all lose yourselves in service this holiday season!
Love, Elder Slack

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