Monday, October 5, 2015

Little testimony builders...September 29, 2015

Sorry, one day late!  Well, I have noticed a couple of things here in the mission, the lights go out way too often, maintaining water pipes seems to be hard here, and ya really miss your mother when you are sick... :) gotta love the mission.
It was a super great week!  I was able to have two companion exchanges this week (one with Elder Garcia from Colombia and my trainer Elder Herbas from Bolivia!) I was able to learn tons of new things from them and also help them (I hope) learn a little!  It was interesting to teach once again with my trainer because we laughed about old times and talked about how those we taught were (which is to say that my first baptism, Victor Sanchez, is preparing to go through the temple!! WAHOOOO!!!) 
I also woke up on Wednesday morning with one eye shut.. I was trying to feel for the crusty stuff that usually comes with it but never came so I was kinda disappointed about that.. It didn't really go away until about Friday in the afternoon but by the time that went away my companion and I were struck with the cold... we have been talking in super deep voices (what power and authority right?! ;) and coughing the whole weekend!  Right now in Colombia it should be the rainy season but it has only been super hot and humid!  We have air conditioning in our bedroom (thank my lucky stars!) and I think that is maybe what has caused it! 
Besides all of the crazy things that happened we did have some spiritual moments!  We have 2 investigators progressing and will be baptized the 10th of October.  One is Karolyne De La Cruz (12) and the granddaughter of some recent converts.  The other is Kelly Gomez (15) who has been going to church for more than a year and the missionaries have never taught her and her parents have never accepted the missionaries but we have been able to help them out a little this week! 
I also had a super awesome priesthood experience!  We were visiting with some recent converts (Orlando and Otilia De La Cruz (grandparents of Karolyne)) and he said he needed a blessing because his back has been hurting him and he had a stomach infection.  It has been hurting him for some time and the doctors and their treatments had only been making it worse.  He asked me to give him a blessing and so we did and to be honest I don't remember what I said (yeah I understand Spanish but sometimes those things just happen!) and we passed by the next day and he was out working because all the pain in his body left!  I thought it was pretty sweet and little things that happen like this almost daily make things even more sure for me! I love little testimony builders that help me work more diligently every day! 
Hope you all have a wonderful week and love you all!
Love, Elder Slack

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