Thursday, October 29, 2015

The stakeout...October 26, 2015

 Well life keeps going and it brings even more twists and turns!!  Monday right after writing the family we got a call from the assistants that we were having an emergency transfer.  My companion (Elder Puchoc) got transferred to Cartagena and I got a new companion.  My new comp is Elder Gonzàlez from Chile (he was my district leader in Valledupar) and we settled in pretty nice having known each other before!  After saying goodbye to a couple of people Elder Puchoc and I went to do some investigating!!
We had heard that some missionaries were getting home late and so we went and did a stake out.  We got to their house at 8:30 and waited for a good hour and 15 minutes until these missionaries walked into their apartment.  Elder Puchoc was situated in another room while I was in their bedroom closet with a balloon in my hands..  One of the Elders walked into the room (it just happened to be the missionary that trained me) and I popped the balloon.  It sounded like a gun had gone off so he turned around and I exploded out of the closet!  Hahaha o I wish you all would have been able to see his eyes!!  hahahahahaha I am sure he peed his pants and just didn't want to say anything! 
Besides the fun stuff... we learned a lot this week as we had Zone Conferences and our Stake Conference.  President Searle talked a lot about how Faith leads into Repentance and it is interesting to think about it.  The flow that our Heavenly Father is unreal and it amazes me how perfect his gospel is.  Right now I have been trying to really repent every day for the little things I do.  I have to know and love the word repentance.  It is no longer a long process that hurts like it did before but little changes in my life that make me happy because I am following the Lord Jesus Christ.  His atonement is real and we are blessed when we can become more like him. (Try it!) 
 I have also learned the importance of strict obedience.  Our zone is composed of 16 missionaries spread out in distance of a little more than an hour.  Many members of the wards in our zone are new members (less than 5 years) and don't really comprehend the importance of missionary work.  As we have seen some of the disobedience of missionaries really just destroys the work in these wards and branches.  We have strived to be obedient to a "T" these past weeks and this week were blessed to encounter a less active and his wife who isn't a member.  We also encountered a family that listened to the missionaries before and just about got baptized but moved..  We are truly blessed when we obey the commandments God gives us.  All of them. 
I hope you are all doing splendid and have an excellent week!!
Love Elder Slack

Elder Hudgens from Heber, Elder Slack

Elder Farro, Elder Brunis, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Slack

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