Monday, October 5, 2015

Pray with real intent...September 21, 2015

With my birthday week down.. I can officially say that good things must come to an end.. Birthdays are probably the worst day in the mission just because you think about the things you could be doing but I guess those things will just not matter one day!  We will be about 33 years old in the resurrection with no need to worry about time ruining us because we will all be perfect!  Besides, it was the neighbor's birthday too and just like every good *Costeño* they had their huge sound system (and when I say huge I mean it.. just about as big as my car) playing happy birthday bright and early for the whole street to hear!!  I guess it wasn't too bad!! ;) This week went by super fast being super busy with exchanges and running errands for the zone and having a super awesome zone meeting! Each week I print off one or two talks on a subject and I decided last week I would like to learn more about prayer.  I was able to study two talks given in BYU devotionals on prayer that strengthened my testimony even more.  I learned the meaning of praying with *real Intent* (Moroni 10:3-5). Why pray if we aren't willing to follow the impressions or guidance given by the spirit?! One thought I really enjoyed was the ability the pray for exact things and ALSO pray for understanding.  When we pray for exact things we express to God the choices we would like to make and if they aren't what we should do he will bless us with the answer and understanding as to why we should do it! (Look back to *real intent*... kick your bum into gear and Just Do It!!:) I was able to put that into practice a little this week as I make my decisions on schooling, work, etc.. for after the mission (because I have realized it is sadly coming closer to the end).  As I prayed for answers or told God what my desires were I felt like he truly showed me what it was I should be doing!  How blessed I am to have the opportunity to speak with my Father in Heaven!!  I know he listens as we repent to take away barriers keeping us from receiving answers we will truly be able to see our lives change so that we will be able to do what Heavenly Father would want us to!
Love, Elder Slack
P.S. this week was also *Valentines Day* here in Colombia (Dia del amor y amistad because they don't do it in February) and we couldn't really teach anyone so we went to the Relief Society President's house and talked to them and asked them about their marriage.  It is a scary thought and even more scary when their granddaughter (she is 15 years old) started listening to *Love the way you lie* by Rihanna... I don't wanna get married!!!  

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