Thursday, October 29, 2015

Up to our necks in mud...October 12, 2015

What we had the quite the week!  This past was transfer week and I have the awesome opportunity to be with Elder Puchoc for another great transfer!  Tuesday we were stuck up to our necks in mud working the terminal!  It wouldn't have been so hard if the missionaries didn't act like such kids sometimes but watching my companion get frustrated is pretty funny sometimes haha!
Wednesday we were able to have a meeting with President Searle and our Stake President, President Rodriguez.  It is very interesting to have these meetings monthly about the missionary work because the church is really new here (our stake is relatively new and expanding southward due to little towns) and many of the church leaders have only been members for a few years (if that).  I really liked the phrase by President Uchtdorf saying, "We need to be converted to the gospel, not to the church." I could possibly make that my number phrase for my mission because it seems like everyone we visit just says no to our message because their pastor or leader said they could only visit their church. None others.  When asked gospel questions they have no idea how to respond and sometimes it is difficult to get that mindset out of the people.  (At this point I will just finish with some homework. Alma 4:3-4 will do the trick and needless to say, my companion and I are trying to build the church more fully... :) 
Friday we had Leader Council and we were able to talk about Faith, growing a Testimony, and feeling the Spirit.  It was a wonderful experience to hear the ideas and thoughts of others which also brought some interesting thoughts in my own head.  This week I was "Ponderizing" the scripture found in Ether 12:12 which reads "For if their be no faith among the children of men, God can do no miracle among them; Wherefore, He showed not Himself until after their faith." I found two key words and they were "Miracle" and "Showed Himself".  It was amazing to realize that every time we receive inspiration from God, it is a miracle.  How many times do we realize the miracles in our life?  Obviously life is hard but I find it a lot easier to have an eternal perspective as I recognize the little miracles in my life! 
Saturday we also had 2 Baptisms!!  I love it every time because ever since I was in Valledupar I have only been able to baptize when it comes from part member families.  What a joy it brings to see that families can be together forever.  Will yours?  I hope you have an excellent week and the Lord blesses you immensely as you strive to be obedient and love one another. Grinning face with smiling eyes
Love, Elder Slack

Beatriz, her husband, Elder Slack, Elder Puchoc

Elder Slack and Elder Puchoc

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