Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chased by a dog...October 19, 2015

Well here I am again writing another weekly letter.  This week was just like any other (with its ups and downs).  We started off the week really well!  We were supposed to have Zone Conference but some mixed up schedules took place and we ended up not having it.  We did some exchanges ( I got to look for directions while my companion went and taught) and had some pretty good time together.  It is pretty funny because our ward says their are 580 people!! (I don't even think my ward has that many people registered) Only 150 come on a regular basis and so we have been looking for the lost sheep!  I will put the whole story into a short one.  (Disney and Pixar always do it and they turn out better so here it goes) I met up with some crazy people who said their name was name so as not to be recognized.  We got chased by a dog.  We talked with an atheist who had no good reasoning besides a book he read when he was younger.  We replied we too have read books (the scriptures) and he shut up pretty quick.  We looked for 35 names and you will never guess what the outcomes were... We found 3 people that still live in our area one that died 3 years ago and the other 29 just never even existed... I am short of words and will finish by saying that we aren't even close to halfway done... Face with tears of joy
This week we also had lots of run ins with marriages gone wrong (so not looking forward to the next chapter of my life). Lots of Less Actives who have been lead astray for things others have done (do they not understand that the church is perfect made up of very imperfect people?!).  Last but not least... I got to do an exchange with some Elders in a small town called  Santo Tomas.  It is probably the most beautiful town ever and if you get the chance I would look it up on Google images.  That night was terrible because their was no energy in the house and I didn't have a fan to keep me cool... worst nights sleep ever!! 
Keep it real and have an excellent week!!
Love Elder Slack

Soledad 2000 zone

Elder Slack, Laura (Beatriz's daughter), Elder Puchoc
Crazy faces!!

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