Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love the new word, Ponderizing...October 5, 2015

Well what a great week filled with interviews for our zone with President Searle and then the General Conference!  What a wonderful spiritual experience that was!  I was thrilled to be able to listen to it in English and hear amazing counsel given by men and women called of God!  I think one of my favorite talks was by Sister Stephens and the importance of the commandments!  During interviews (mine are always real short with president) he asked me a question that threw me for a loop.  Maybe it is because he has never asked it before or they are so short that I didn't ever catch it but he asked me, *Will you keep the mission rules after the  mission?*
I was ponderizing (just love the new word I learned during conference hahaha) the question and I think Sister Stephens (and many others) really reinforced the importance of keeping the commandments (and mission rules).  What a waste it would be of two years to not apply mission rules after the mission.  Haha obviously I answered yes to the question President Searle asked me (right now thinking nuts this is going to be difficult) but my mother always said I could do difficult things.  What an awesome little personal experience/revelation I had this weekend among many others! 
This week I also got to work with Elder Black and Elder Selman in some companion exchanges! Elder Black is probably one of the most humble and righteous kids I have been able to become acquainted with here in the mission and Elder Selman is a farming kid from Utah.  Very hard working and super loving.  I learned lots of great things from them and I hope that I can continue to develop attributes so that others might learn something from me.  We just got transfer calls and I will be staying here with Elder Puchoc for another 6 weeks (unless we have emergency transfers, I have learned to expect the unexpected).  I am actually really excited to be able to work with him again and be able to learn lots more from him!  Earlier today I was able to go back to Lucero and visit with the Vargas family (my adopted Colombian family) and eat an amazing lunch with them!  I really do have to say that it will be a wonderful experience to be one huge eternal family after this life with so many people I have met and come in contact with!! 
Love, Elder Slack

General Conference
Elders Black, Elder Slack, ?,?,Elder Hudgens from Heber, Elder Burk

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